R06 - July Results

Morning all,

I just wondered how you found results for R06? (the July sitting with the technical issues).

I passed, however I did expect a higher mark. I know a pass is the main thing and actual result is of little relevance but I was surprised as the questions were what I had prepared for and I had the technical knowledge.

Personally the technology caused issues on the day and I have heard of candidates deleting answers in error when trying to edit etc

I was curious of what others have felt on seeing results.




  • mrbmrb Member
    Congratulations James! This morning would have been a great morning for you 😁 I’ve heard from a lot of people that they are surprised by how much they didn’t get though so that sounds very normal.

    I unfortunately failed by 1%. I have applied for a remark and since lodged a complaint with Ofqual as I feel the dealing from start to finish and lack of clarity regarding special consideration is unacceptable.

    I couldn’t access my exam for over an hour causing a lot of stress!

    If anyone has any experience with remarks I would love to hear it!
  • JonPaulEllisJonPaulEllis Member
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    Anecdotally (ie probably a load of bull) but I'm sure I read somewhere once that at the point the exam marker realises a pass has been achieved they almost stop looking for marks to award, at the end of the day very few people are going to go back and demand a re-mark as long as they've got their pass.

    Also, if you look at the model answers, the way marks are awarded for breaking up the responses into almost granular detail has been what tripped me up in the past. My first (failed) attempt at R06 contained a question about the benefits of registering an old EPOA and they'd assigned 14 marks for it!!

    Congratulations James, I too found out yesterday that I was successful and am relieved to say that I now have my Diploma. Any plans for further study now?
  • Yes the added stress in the morning was not the best way to start an exam. Like many I was panicking thinking the issue may be at my end then couldn't get through to CII or check any emails due to the secure browser. I honestly think mentally that takes it out of you as all prepared and ready then something so out of control happens. I had about 25 minutes trying to get in I was definitely flustered to start with.

    Well done Jon Paul that must be some relief and congratulations on the Diploma. I am obviously very pleased I passed but your'e right the detail may be the issue even though on many answers I knew technical knowledge etc. I think there certainly may be some truth in your point, the mark ultimately doesn't matter once its a pass so makes you think if a button is clicked at that point. I have a friend who is a lecturer and by human nature there can be wings on marking depending on mood/time etc, i.e if candidates are making the same mistakes by the 20th paper it annoys them more and may be harsher at marking later on.

    I am likely to give exams a break for a while I do have Chartered ambitions however the thought of another similar exam in even more detail at the moment is not so appealing!

  • Well done to all those who passed this last week, great stuff!

    I am hoping to get my diploma all finished up this side of Christmas, which means I'll be attempting R06 in the October edition. This may mean that I sit this before finishing R05 (trying to get R04 done in September) - is having 05 done before doing 06 essential?

    Also, is there a way of finding out the exact date of R06?

    Many thanks, Jack

  • Hi Jack,

    There will be some knowledge gaps without doing the exams but not essential in my opinion. With the case studies you can usually pick out the likely questions that may come up and then learn/revise that area accordingly. I think a lot also depends on what you do day to day with work.

    The general issue with R06 is timings, if you completed the others and then had to wait for R06 it can set you back. Again this all depends with work situation.

    Hope all goes well.

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