Wizard Learning or Brand Exam packs???

I was wondering which exam support packs people think are the best. I'm studying for AF2 and Brand and Wizard Learning seem to be the only two providers of support packs for that exam. I've used Brand before and thought they were ok. Has anyone used Wizard Learning? If so, would you recommend?


  • Might be too late now but I used brandft and wizard for some R exams I think of the two wizard gave more detail for the exams I did (I can’t remember which now probably r06 and I think the reason I’ve seen both is because I failed the first time). Expert Pensions are also excellent but it doesn’t look like they cover af2. May be irrelevant for your purposes but Brands calculation workbooks for the calc heavy exams are also good. It used to be that you don’t buy the product on first browse but download the taster then the next day they email you a 10% off code.

  • Much of a muchness IMO and comes down to personal preference. I tended to use the Wizard study packs (instead of CII manuals) whilst I was doing the AFs alongside the BrandFT calc workbooks. I also second Expert Pensions for AF7. Face to face courses are also really good. I used these guys for AF1, AF4 and AF5: http://www.financialadviseracademy.org.uk/

    Jonny (paraflex)
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