R03 - Anyone used BTS material

Does anyone have any experience of the BTS study guides? I have been using the Brand Study notes which I find too 'note like' plus questions (which I am finding really good) and some Expert Pensions material. I still feel I would benefit from something else though! Had a quick look at the BTS free sample Training Guide and it looks really thorough from what I have seen so far. I am self financing to before I commit any more ££ I would be grateful if someone could comment whether it is a worthwhile investment! Thanks


  • Hi @GallusAlice,

    I was doing the same as you. I had the Brand stuff and used their mock exams and the calc book.

    I bought volume 1 of the BTS stuff and have been using it the last few days. It is a little bit different to the brand mocks and gives a new bank of questions.

    Only thing with it is how often the same questions come up and as much as you pretend you haven't seen it before you often find yourself just pressing what you've already worked out.

    From what I've seen on LinkedIn though a lot of people seem to think it resembles the exam questions for real a bit better.

    Tl;Dr - I think one volume just for the question variety will be a good idea, it's £30 however. It's all starting to add up 🙈!

    Also, I'm doing R03 this week, too, so feel free to message me!

  • I only bought the BTS study guide as a ‘what the hell’ moment as I saw it on eBay... I’m telling you now, if I could change just one thing during all my exams it would be to get the BTS study guide EVERYTIME!

    It’s amazing for making it kind of enjoyable to read and understand. Tons of examples instead of just statements in the CII book.

    The guide was so good for me I haven’t even bothered buying the CII book for my last exam (R04) .. it arrived 3 days early and already it’s the best £127 I have spent
  • Hi @mrb , thank you for this! I was leaning towards this so you have decided for me! I postponed my exam there so I think I will order the text and go for it!

  • Sueh59Sueh59 Member

    Hi, happy new year!
    I'm planning to sit the R03 exam soon... any tips?

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