Just checking in....

Hi everyone,

We are now on Day 143 of Lockdown! Can you believe it? It has been a while since I last posted and I was just wondering how everyone is doing and how you are all feeling during this time.

What have been the advantages of lockdown for you? What have you found difficult? Are you adjusting well to our new found way of life?

I hope you are all well and remember we will all get through this together.

Take Care,



  • Hi Claire,

    I was working from home once a week prior to lockdown and enjoyed the break from my commute (4 trains a day). Working from home full time took a while to get used to but I have significantly more 'me' time (not time spent waiting for 2 delayed trains each morning and evening!!). However, over the past month or so I've really found it hard to stay motivated and would welcome a day or two back in the office each week. We're looking to go back in September so keeping my fingers crossed!

    Without being mushy, I think it's helped us to maintain and build closer relationships with clients. Everyone has been affected in some way or another and it's been lovely to have clients check in on our wellbeing in the same way that we check in with them.

    Hope everyone is doing well :)

  • Morning @Anna03

    Wow, 4 trains is a lot, how long did your commute take you?

    That's good you will hopefully be going back to the office, will you be in the office all of the time from then?

    I completely agree about building closer relationships, I feel like I am so much closer to my colleagues now. Lockdown has brought so many benefits to our lives, when I am finding things hard I try to think of all of the good things that it has brought us.

    How is your week going?


  • 4 trains is a lot - when I was looking for a job and being asked if I would travel to London, I was baulking at one! I get the motivation thing - some days are really hard but on the whole I prefer not travelling too far - just outside my back door is about as close as it gets!

    And working for yourself (in my opinion) is far more rewarding than being employed!

  • Nice to read an upbeat post about Lockdown :)

    I'm still working from home, with an odd day in the office here and there for a bit of normality.

    I'm looking forward to being back in the office more (at some point in the future), but I think the cat will miss me!!


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