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Hi all,

I'm looking to be more proactive on our company's social media sites. What sites do people use for finding content?

Thinking of using a combination of sector-related content like pensions/investment update without it being too technical but also using things like finance & lifestyle related inspirational quotes and engaging questions/polls.

Look forward to hearing others' thoughts and experiences, as using social media in this way is new to me.

Thanks in advance,



  • Agree with @Nathan, Fincart is a great place to start. You'll get your own style of writing and how you want to get across your message after a while. We've been promoting short videos we've done over the last year (currently doing another push out of them) and these are proving to be quite popular with our clients. And we've learnt a lot from doing them.

  • Thank you Nathan.

    Suse, when you say short videos... are these explaining different topics? This is something that I have thought about doing but not in any great detail yet. Be great to find out more.

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