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Hi All,

Looking for some help if possible.

Our client has a deferred pension at date of leaving of £15,326.

Broken Down as follows:

Pre 88 GMP - £87.36 Fixed Revaluation & 0% escalation
Post 88 GMP - £849.68 Fixed Revaluation and Escalation - CPI capped 3%
Pre 1997 Non GMP - £5972.12 - Revaluation - CPI capped 5% - Escalation - RPI capped 5%
97-05 - £4725 - CPI capped 5% - Escalation - RPI capped 5%
05 to 09 - £2362.89 - CPI capped 5% - Escalation - RPI capped 5%
09 to 11 - £1329.11 - CPI capped 2.5% - Escalation - RPI capped 5%

There is a State Pension Adjustment which is included within the pension and kicks in when accessing benefits and will the income reduce at State Pension Age (67). I was only alerted to this when I ran illustrations on the Mercer Oneview site, as the scheme information said N/A to Bridging Pension!

I am using O&M profiler. There is an option to select a Segment called State Pension Reduction, however, it is asking for revaluation and escalation?

I am bit unsure how to correctly complete the analysis on this basis?




  • Hi Colin

    By far the easiest way is to call O&M support desk, as they know the software inside out 👍
    Benjamin Fabi 
  • Hi Benjamin, I am probably more mean where would the State Pension Adjustment would fit in? If £15326 was the deferred pension at date of leaving - do you think I would need to find out what the State Pension Adjustment as at date of leaving as well as what revaluation and escaltion is applicable to it?

  • agree with the posters, O&M have a factsheet on this from memory, the scheme should give a value at dols of say £500 pa as an example, the scheme should tell you if this is a fixed figure at dols or one that revalues, normally at non gmp rates. in my experience it will be revaluing. it is added as a new slice at 67 (or spa) as a deduction. so on the actual income graph the tvas report shows the income spiking then reducing due to the state pension deduction.

  • I missed this on here the other day - we got it all sorted yesterday :smile:

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