Platforms and Annual Reviews

During these interesting times I’ve been doing a few annual review packs in addition to my normal stuff and I’ve realised that platforms are not exactly amazing at providing what we need. I’d like to be able to improve what the platforms give us so one that I reached out to has asked for feedback so I just wanted to see what others include in their packs.

We include:
Value 12 months ago
Value today
Contributions and withdrawals in last 12 months
Breakdown of current investment percentages
Total ongoing adviser charge paid in last 12 months
All other charges in last 12 months £&p
Ongoing OAC and Plan charges in % or £&p if fixed
Portfolio fact sheet if in model portfolio

Have I missed anything?


  • NathanNathan Member
    Reduction in yield? Not sure if this is required?
  • I've been wondering if we should include 'on track to meet goals?' which would re-assess the target income in retirement and the likelihood of this happening.

    We could use the Timeline app to do this i think.

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