AF1 - anyone planning on taking in October?

TanCTanC Member
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Hi all,
I could really do with a study buddy on this one if possible! Need regular kicks to stay on top of the studying / revising along with the day job etc.
Anyone else in a similar place?
Thanks! Tan


  • mckayjmckayj Member
    Hello, I am doing AF1 in October too and think this would be good for me also. I have looked briefly at the first case study in the book. 😲 I haven't started a study plan although I have downloaded everything from the CII ready to start.
  • Hello there

    I did AF1 a week ago, however I am fairly sure I will be sitting it again in October, I would be happy to get involved!

  • Is anyone studying JO2 alongside AF1?

    I may also take AF1 in October and looks like JO2 is usually done alongside it.

  • TanCTanC Member

    Thanks guys. I did J02 last time I took AF1, it was definitely helpful to have the knowledge from the J paper. Although given that every time I've tried to take 2 exams at the same time I always fail the AF one, would suggest making sure you really have the time and energy to commit to studying for both :smiley:

    Am currently reading through J02 again but really need to make a plan of what to study and when.

  • Does seem to be one of the tougher JO papers from what I hear, but as it gives a good foundation for the AF I'll bite the bullet!

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