AF5 July sitting

There was a question in yesterday's AF5 paper about mitigating IHT on second death while providing full access to capital. I jotted down something about loan trusts but realised after the exam that maybe they were trying to get at a AIM BP portfolio. If anyone sat the paper, I'd be interested to know which route you went down?

Was not a fan of the paper, not the computer assessment!!! What did you think?


  • planter12planter12 Member
    edited July 2020

    Hi Riz,

    I went down the loan trust route too - can't see why it wouldn't be a suitable arrangement given the circumstances. I found some of the questions slightly odd, compounded by the computer software which took a bit of getting used to - good luck with your result!

  • rizriz Member

    Phew, that's a slight relief., thanks for providing a little reassurance planter12. Good luck to you too, and yes indeed some of the questions were kind of odd...I was constantly scrolling back up to re-read the questions over and over, so much easier with hard copies. I think on-line is fine for the multiple choice exams, but for these exams I'm really not so sure. Having the actual question paper by your side is so much easier to work with.

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