ClickUp and Excel

Hi all

Does anyone know much about ClickUp? I currently use Trello, and think ClickUp may be better for my needs now, but I also want to try and incorporate data from an Excel spreadsheet into it. I use Excel to track the work I have, how much I will get paid for it (or to calculate based on how much time I spend on it). I'm trying to cut down on duplication, as between Trello, Harvest and Excel (and to a certain extent, Xero) there is a lot of duplication!

If I can cut one of them out it would be helpful, and Excel seems to be the obvious choice, being the most 'passive' of the applications I use in connection with my work.

Alternatively, if you know of any experts who may be able to help, can you point me in their direction please?

Or, any other suggestions gratefully received :smile:

Thanks, Andy

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