The Administrator's Tent

This is a thread for Administrators and people who work in client services to learn, fix and share from each other.


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    Hi, welcome to “The Administrator's Tent”.

    Last month we held the first online “Howwow for Administrators”, and the feedback was really positive. We had nearly 80 people join us, which is incredible considering it’s the first time we’ve run anything for the administrator role.

    It certainly feels that despite there being so many of us, we are a hugely under-represented community within in the industry.

    Following that event, we had a few people ask if we could have a forum, or somewhere we can connect and communicate – and so here it is!! “The Administrator's Tent”

    If you've just joined, please take a minute to say hello and introduce yourself. Simply add a comment below, you might like to include what sort of firm you work for, and how long you have been in the role.

  • Hi, I'm Rebecca, from Cooper Parry Wealth - I'm just coming up to my 2 year anniversary...which is about how long it feels like we've been in lockdown...!! The online Howwow was really interesting, and it's a great idea to get our own community set up, to address the needs specifically of administrators.

  • CHMDMC00CHMDMC00 Member, Moderator

    Hi Rebecca, thanks for your post & welcome! Pls feel free to spread the word....

  • Hi there,
    I'd be interested to know of any other Admin specific webinars/events. Our Admin team would really benefit from them. Keep me posted!

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