Providers accepting digital signatures

Does anyone know if Utmost accept DocuSigned forms? Our admin got a telling off for daring to ring them and ask this morning. She was told she has to email and it might take a month for them to reply :#


  • BeckyJBeckyJ Member

    Gave up with Utmost and DocuSign and sent the client a paper copy to sign. :D

    However, I was thinking it would be very useful if there was a centrally compiled list of providers, whether they will accept digital signatures, which ones (DocuSign, Verisign, Adobe etc) and whether it has to be an actual squiggle. Has anyone started compiling such a list?

  • NathanNathan Member

    NextWealth did something on this, just on platforms

    Alternatively the LangCat Analyser has this information as well.

    As for Utmost and others I don't think anyone has a resource to log who does what, sorry.

  • BeckyJBeckyJ Member

    Thanks Nathan. There is a disappointing lack of electronic signatures being accepted according to the nextwealth research. Come on financial services - it's the 21st century!

  • Hi everyone. We have successfully submitted surrender paperwork to Utmost using docusign. They are accepting it. Hope that helps. 😁
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