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Has anyone done any research or due diligence they are willing to share on this?

We are starting see more demand for this kind of service and we've looked at Octopus Cash and now Dynamic Cash Management. I need to create some due diligence for our compliance team now before we start suggesting it to clients.

Interested to know if anyone is able to share anything before I begin...

thank you!


  • Hi Charlotte

    We have met Flagstone and Insignis. Both look better than Octopus in terms of rates and the number of banks they work with, but Octopus, given their size, probably represent less of a risk. Both work a little differently.

    It is something we are keen to get off the ground but the due diligence needs to probably be more thorough than any other product you recommend given the risk of it going wrong (and the fact you aren't going to earn much, if anything, to offset this). All of our DD so far to date has been done under an NDA of sorts so nothing to share unfortunately!

    For what it's worth, SJP and Tilney have partnered with Flagstone, Partners Wealth with Insignis. Presumably these guys have done very thorough DD!

    Good luck


  • Thank you @TomLloyd_Read that's very helpful!

  • @charlotte.e I work for Octopus and would be happy to provide you the relevant DD bits if its at all helpful? There are a number of competitors within the cash management space, all of which have their own USPs, so appreciate that it can be difficult to compare!
    Feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] if I can help.

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