The Ultimate Paraplanner Questionnaire 2020!

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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well!

I thought I'd use this downtime to run the Ultimate Paraplanner Questionnaire 2020! (Tongue in cheek here!).

It takes 2 minutes according to SurveyMonkey so it's only tiny:

I'll share the results after, I'm sure it will make for interesting discussions :)


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    So there's been some interesting results! I'll post the results on Wednesday in case there are any last-minute entries :)

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    Morning all,

    Thank you for taking part, we had 32 responses which is impressive! The results are as follows (drum roll please). But first, as some of the category names are cut off in the charts below, here they are again:

    • Report writing,
    • Dealing with missing information from advisers,
    • Scanning through policy information (to extract key info/identify missing info),
    • Calling providers for information,
    • Filling in forms,
    • Performing manual calculations (tax/investment etc.),
    • General product research,
    • Completing adviser and/or compliance amendments.

    Q1. How do you find the following paraplanning tasks:

    Q2. Roughly how many hours per week do you spend doing the following paraplanning tasks:

    Some thoughts:

    • 'Report writing' and 'performing manual calculations' appear to get the most love,
    • 'Form filling' is not a fans' favourite, surprise surprise. Although one person loves doing it, so hats off to you!
    • People are not fussed with making adviser/compliance amendments which I'm surprised by!
    • Report writing gobbles up most of our working week,
    • Most of us spend <5 hours a week tackling the other tasks,
    • One of us is on the phone to providers for 10-20 hours a week, say hi to Aviva from me!

    I hope you find this interesting, have a nice day and stay safe! :)

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