J09 and iPad

I’m trying to do J09 on an iPad . I have loads of questions as am struggling but I will try to keep to a minimum :
1. Answer template. Do I need to type on this directly as it won’t let me whether I view it or download it.
2. I have saved it to Pages where I can type on it but how do I get the completed template submitted. Have tried to copy/paste but it won’t do it .

If anyone else is doing J09 now drop me a line. Could do with some support/ reassurance that I’m not the only one struggling .


  • Hi Sean,

    I did J09 last year.
    I typed all the assignments on ms word then copied into the template before submitting. It messed up the whole formatting a bit and didn’t look how I wanted it, but was okay.

    I just saved the submission template and uploaded when it asked.

    Hope that helps


  • SeanSean Member

    Hi John
    Thanks for that. I am doing exactly the same so hopefully will work ok.

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