AF6 Coursework

Hey everyone!

Following the exam cancellations for April I’m going to start on AF6.

It’s my first ever coursework (apart from school days!) and no idea how to approach it at all. I’m currently reading the syllabus book and then will look over the example they gave.

Does anyone have any tips or hints on coursework?


  • I passed this unit a couple of months ago. Each coursework assignment references a specific syllabus learning outcome so I read the relevant chapters in the book and made sure my assignments covered most of the content. I found some of the FCA publications (e.g. Transforming culture in financial services) very useful and good for demonstrating your wider reading, but this will depend on your specific assignment. Good luck! I got far better marks on this unit than AF8 despite not really having any prior experience or knowlede of senior management and supervision.

    Daniel Barrett BSc DipPFS

  • SW1990SW1990 Member
    Ah brilliant thank you! I have submitted my first assignment today so fingers crossed! I am finding the assignments quite vague so no idea whether I have interpreted what they have asked correctly but least will get a second chance if need be! Thanks for your help 😊
  • Is anyone currently working on AF6, If so how are people finding this? I'm finding the questions quite difficult to line up with both the book and the example answers. Also the fast that the example answers don't seem to contain anywhere near enough information or word count but are scored so highly.

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