Aggregated Total Charge - how do I do this?!

Sorry for asking what is a basic question.. I'm attempting some review reports for the first time. Adviser is not here to ask. I am doing a Bed & ISA report for an AVIVA GIA/ISA. I am using Genovo and have input charges. How do I work out the total aggregated charge? I do not see this on the AVIVA platform report....


  • I think I may have figured it out myself.. Have delved in to Genovo a bit more and found a guide. Also says if you have a fund value and the other charges it will work it out anwway.

  • if it's new business the total aggregated charges is just adding up all the charge elements: Platform, investment, adviser. Needs to be expressed in £s and usually % too if that's how your reports normally look.

    You say review, so I don't know if that means like an annual review with a new recommendation in it too. In that case you will need to show the charges actually paid over the review period too.

    How that actually looks in practice is down to your firm, there's no template. Genovo will have their own interpretation i'm sure.

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