Workplace pensions

Hi - I've been asked a question and it's not one I've been asked before.

I've been asked for any suggestions for a low-cost PP/insured fund/passive tracker fund for AE?

Has anyone any suggestions for how I would go about researching for this, or are they all much of a muchness (0.75% AMC, etc)?


  • It tends to be 'pick a provider' rather than 'pick an investment'

    They'll have their own default funds, won't they, and the investment choices (if not default) will be pre-determined too.

    I don't think it'll be the same process you'd have for a platform where you can go onto Analytics and do some research. You'll need the list of available funds and go from there.

  • If you open season on provider than you can just pick one that is doing well (past performance blah blah)

    We use Pru for small regular premium, with Vanguard at the desired risk. Works out at 0.67%, but i am sure you could find cheaper for passive.

  • They all their own employee management charge usually but this might help:
    If NEST just removed the 1.8% initial charge on regulars it would actually look okay!! I would imagine the majority of these are trackers anyway.

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