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Hi all,

I just wanted to find out if anyone has transitioned from Paraplanner to Adviser or maybe even a hybrid role.

How do your firms go about making this transition and are clients handed over immediately or are you required to find your own leads etc.

Any information would be great.



  • RcaisleyRcaisley Member

    I've just made this transition and I am the first in our company to do this so it is all new at the moment.

    We have agreed that I will have a share of new leads as the existing advisers are at capacity, I am also still working as a Paraplanner at the moment to fill my spare time and will slowly drift away from this as I start getting busier. Therefore, I am getting my current salary for Paraplanning + bonuses for business I generate as an adviser. However, this contract will be reviewed when I get busier and then again when I am signed off as competent.

    I have also generated my own leads and we have agreed (for now) I get a little extra for the leads I generate over what I would get for the leads the company gives me.

    I have also gone through the companies client bank and contacted some old clients who are not paying ongoing fees and seeing if they would like a review of their finances to see whether I can reignite some business there.

    Contact me if you need a hand but I'm so glad I made the move. Good luck with it all!

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