Money Alive

Afternoon, we have just received a pamphlet from Money Alive.

Especially with feedback from clients on DB Boxsets, I am also thinking might be beneficial for lay POAs, in particular understanding longterm care.

Does anyone have any experience of the service and your thoughts?



  • Meant "anyone" with feedback
  • LouieD12LouieD12 Member
    edited January 2020

    Hi Janeen,

    We have a sister company that exclusively deals with DB transfers. They have now made it mandatory for every client to go through the money alive DB videos to gain a thorough understanding of the advice they are seeking.

    These videos are really simple and short so are very good for clients who are not the most experienced.

    I would recommend looking into these videos for any advice area that is more heavily regulated e.g. DB transfers and as you say long-term care.

  • We use Money Alive for DB Transfers and it's mandatory. It's been really useful for client discussions and particularly where it's generally pretty obvious from the initial "I want advice on my DB scheme" request that they shouldn't do anything. These people generally come back and say they realise how important their scheme is to them and thank us for the videos.

    We'll look at any new releases they do - I'm on their panel too for reviewing what they believe IFAs want so any feedback here is welcome and I'll pass it on

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