Forum etiquette

The Big Tent is a forum that exists primarily to help paraplanners to help each other.

Fix. Learn. Share.

Please try to refrain from commenting without adding value to a discussion.

If a discussion is started with the OP asking specifically for challenge on how they are doing something, then this should generate constructive discussions on how to achieve what's being asked. There are many great examples of this and it represents the very best of our community.

But personal criticism of individuals in this, or any other discussion, is not appropriate. Any user can flag posts for review by moderators if they are felt to be inappropriate. Please don't take action yourself within a discussion if you feel a post is inappropriate.

Remember, unlike Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and most other practitioner forums, the Big Tent is a completely open site with no sign in details required to view all posts (except the Member's Only board).

Thank you.

Benjamin Fabi 
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