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Hi all.

I am new to this site and it is great to be a member of an on-line forum.

I am trying to source a BR investment for Enduring PoAs, and due to restrictions imposed by our compliance department, I am trying to find a BR investment that is non-discretionary in nature.

Every BR investment that I have looked at is discretionary, and our compliance department has serious issues re these.

I would be grateful for any help that I can get with this.

Thank you in advance.


  • Bit tricky now I think. Most of the schemes simply invest in the old single company structures e.g. Great Point Media (Illium), Puma EPS (Heritage), Triplepoint (Generations, Navigator). Whether these can be accessed outside of the discretionary structure I don't know. Time have the CTC which I don't think is a discretionary service but is designed for corporates with excess cash. I don't know if they would entertain an individual investor though. The original version of this promoted by Close actually set up a company for an individual investor (.e.g Mrs Smith House Builders Ltd) so wasn't a DFM service.

    I think a non-discretionary investment would have greater hoops to get through from a compliance perspective than a discretionary service! Maybe an alternative would be an advisory AIM portfolio? I don't know if anyone offers it though.

  • Tom

    Thank you for your response - appreciated!!!

  • try Octopus IHT BPR no need to get OPG permission either

  • The reason the Octopus scheme should work is that it buys one trading company. This company then runs/owns several businesses. So diversified but without being a discretionary portfolio. Worth having a chat with them. I think Foresight do the same thing(?). Do look at charges...
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