Questions for our second FE analytics Howwow

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That's right, on the back of the response to the first FE analytics Howwow we're going to hold another one.

We'll let you know when we have timings all firmed up, but in the meantime let us know your questions in this thread or by email.


  • Sorry, probably a very basic question for all you FE experts out there, but within FE is it possible for a user to create and save a filtered list of funds / portfolios that meet a set of user-defined criteria or a predefined 'recommended fund list', and then export this list as a .csv file?

    Assuming this is possible, can the user also define which fields / attributes (e.g. investment name, investment objective, OCF, Ex-ante charge etc) of the data set get included within the .csv file?

    Any help or guidance as to how one might go about achieving this would be gratefully received.

  • Yes and Yes!
    Fund filters to create your researched shortlist. This can be saved to run again anytime in the future.
    Reports - custom report - build your report with all the attributes; save the report.
    Then run the report on the list of funds attained from your fund filter.

  • Thanks @richardgough. Can you also do this for portfolios (in particular user-built custom portfolios) and then run off a report containing high level PORTFOLIO data like portfolio name, portfolio OCF, portfolio ex ante charge, portfolio 1, 3 and 5 year performance etc

  • Yes you can in a combination of custom reports; portfolio scan and FE calculator.
    I would suggest you start going through all the various guides and then maybe take part in their webinars. Once you've got qa grip of what it can do consider undertaking their formal accreditation course.

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