Belgian Pension

Afternoon All

Very specific query.

We have an existing UK client who has a paid up defined contribution Belgian company pension that was accrued whilst working over there a few years ago. Now back in the UK and retired. Client is looking at his options and we do not have any experience with Belgian. Does anyone have any experience with Belgian pensions or know of a technical pension team that could assist with this, in particular one that actually has a phone number preferably but if not, email.

James Hay tech team appears to be there still but cannot locate contact details anymore for them!

Any help appreciated.




  • are you looking to bring it to the UK?

  • That is what the client wants to do if its an option, its knowing the options etc. The adviser is just looking to speak to a pensions tech team that may have more experience with this than him. It didn't help the correspondence from the scheme came to the adviser in French!

  • have a word with Curtis Banks. an issue on repatriation is the currency it arrives into the UK which here I am guessing will be euro. so in simple terms you will need access to a fx account in the receiving scheme as most Providers in the UK now will no longer exchange foreign currency receipts into sterling in my experience. tax, type of scheme. belgian tax issues/benefits are beyond my knowledge.

  • Thanks for the reply appreciated the the FX issue is a good one so thanks for highlighting this.

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