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My previous firms have always had really efficient report writing tools which were in house tools. These templates provided a good cover off of all the compliance requirements and provided details of what needed to be included and where you needed to justify further making them nice and efficient as well as compliant.

I have recently started at a firm and there are no set report templates, simply use some wording off genovo, threesixty or copy previous reports done - then tweak the wordings and format to make your own report. Not only this is time inefficient, it always is causing chaos with compliance as each report is different and huge volume of feedback to amend changes. Ideally, I would like an easy to use template, which provides the fundamentals but allows us to add our own personality and justification behind it.

Does anyone know of a thorough report writing tool which can be used thats not genovo? Any experiences of others?


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    if genovo isn't right for you have a look at

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  • I've just started and am currently in my free trial of Genovo. Can you share what you don't like about it?

  • @sw1990 As the cofounder of Genovo, I'm sorry that your impression of Genovo isn't more favourable. Out of interest, what are you experiences of Genovo? Have you ever used the Genovo app to write a report or are you simply referring to some template wording that's been pulled out of one of the example reports that's been downloaded from our website? If the later, I would stress that our example reports are based on ficitional clients / cases and are only designed to provide a general feel of what can be achieved with Genovo - they certainly aren't designed to stand up to close compliance scrutiny.

    We'd be happy to provide you with an online demo, or set you up with a free trial so you can get a fuller appreciation of exactly what can be achieved with Genovo if that would help.

  • I think for us its more we have a set flow to a report we want to use and therefore are having to move the report around alongside other things.. I think we are going down the route of our own templates and using genovo for the compliance side of things. Thanks for your help everyone

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