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Hi, I’m looking for recommendations for external consultants to help us improve the way we work i.e. increasing efficiency, use of technology, scope for automating our processes etc.

We have lots of ideas internally but as a small-ish firm, we are finding it difficult from a capacity perspective to focus on these tasks, whilst juggling our core day to day client work as well. An external person to focus on these areas and provide guidance could be useful.

Can anyone recommend someone who has experience of this kind of work?

Thank you.


  • Brett Davidson, FP Advance

    If he can't help you I am sure he'll point you in the right direction.

  • richallumrichallum Administrator
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    If it's primarily on the back office (i.e. paraplanning/admin) side of things then we provide that service.

    If it's bigger picture than that, I've worked with several of the main well known ones either directly on my business or indirectly when they've supported some of our clients.

    I'd recommend Dominika at https://rie.solutions/ and Brett Davidson as your first points of contact.

    Happy to chat through on a call if you like about what we do or my experience of working with other consultants.

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  • Thanks for these. Interesting Brett Davidson has come up twice…

    It is a bigger picture need, things like automating our rebalancing process, sense checking fee structures, segmentation of clients and charging appropriately for each segmented proposition, using our software (XPLAN) to generate and monitor workflows, amongst other things.

    Basically, we are reviewing the way we work with a view to increasing efficiency. It is an enormous job so some external guidance might be useful.

  • amarshallamarshall Member, Moderator


    At my previous firm we used XPlan and it was fantastic for controlling and monitoring workflows and processes. It took a lot of setting up but the net result was the best I have seen and well worth the effort (of one of my colleagues)!

  • richallumrichallum Administrator

    @Gustavo_Fring in that case speak with Dominika. She works with Brett who is more big picture business planning while Dominika is more business management, practical.

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  • @amarshall

    Are you using 'threads' as they are called in XPLAN...a series of tasks, I believe? At a previous firm, we used event lists on Adviser office which worked well. I think threads work on the same premise.


    Thanks for your advice re: Dominika and Brett.

  • amarshallamarshall Member, Moderator


    Exactly. The threads linking lots of tasks together were great.

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