Sharia Investing


Does anyone have any experience with Sharia investments?

If so, I'd be very grateful for 10 minutes of your time!

Thanks! :smile:


  • Hi Rebecca, we did some research into Sharia investing earlier this year for a client - let me know what you need and I can try to help!

  • Hi @Jenni ,

    Thanks so much! We have zero experience of Sharia investing here, so at the moment I'm just trying to establish what is/isn't within the realms of possibility to find a good place to start our research.

    Would I be able to give you a call to have a chat?

    Cheers :smile:

  • @Rebecca_Tuck Of course - give me a shout on 01932 687 514, It's not an area I have a huge amount of experience in as it was just for this one client but I can share what I know!

  • Hi @Jenni I hope you’re well! :) Please may I also get into contact with you regarding a similar case? Only if you’re free ofcourse!

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