Complex Life Assurance - Cancer diagnosis

We have an existing Client, who has life cover that is due to end, and has asked us to look for life cover for him. The problem is he has been diagnosed with Cancer but it's far to early to treat or have an operation. The providers I've spoken to have said it's a postpone until they have treated it or removed it. Has anyone come across a similar scenario? Is there any options available to him?


  • I've had this very problem. Back in 2016 the postponement period was 3 years. As I was getting towards the end of the 3 year period I discovered to my dismay that the postponement period had been extended to 5 years. I guess you could speak to Cura to see if they have any solutions, however I feel your options may be limited

  • Hi Andy, thank you for the mention. It is one of those situations where at initial glance the answer is, it depends. It really depends upon the type of cancer, the treatment schedule, the type of cover that is needed. Most will postpone. There are some options that will not postpone, but will exclude cancer, and are sometimes useful as temporary cover. Please feel free to contact me if you want to chat about specific details. Many thanks, Kathryn Knowles (MD, Cura)

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