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Hi all.

I’ve very recently decided to pursue the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning and as I don’t currently work in the field, I am struggling to find help on how best to revise for these exams..

I’ve just bought enrolment plus for R02 which I hope to pass within the next couple of months.

Taking a quick look at the resources on RevisionMate, it seems the textbook is quite heavy and I was going to leave it to one side, just do the online courses and then begin practice questions - does that sound like a good plan?

How did you go about studying for these exams?

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!



  • Hi Jay,

    Everyone works differently but general feedback is that CII text books are not the easiest to read/learn from. There are plenty of other providers who offer full text book/study guides/study notes etc. They are really CII text book but written in a different way with more visuals to emphasis on the key points.

    If you are funding your studies yourself buying extra resources can be expensive, I would say if it means you do not need to retake and pay for another exam entry it is well worth it.

    You may find just doing questions will identify your knowledge gaps but there is an element of broader knowledge you will likely need in the exam.

    Good luck with your studies.


  • jdhokiajdhokia Member
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    Hi James and MayHall

    Thanks very much for your tips!

    I think seeing as I've bought the CII books I'll stick with that for now and see how I get on with the past papers once I feel ready to take them. If I don't do so well then I'll consider buying additional materials.

    MayHall, when you say "getting the practice questions" - which resource would you recommend specifically? I can see there's a lot of questions on RevisionMate but not sure if they are past papers per se.

    Best of luck to you guys too.

  • Try the BTS App R0 study buddy. We sit the exams every year and the questions in here as very exam style (code for pretty horrid!) Luiza

  • With some of the exams I bought the CII exam style questions. I found it really useful for the ones I got wrong as it flags the area of the study text where that subject is covered.

    I don't know if other companies' material does this so can't speak for them

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