Help on R04

Hi, I am sitting R04 on Friday I have done it in a rush as I am an ex pensions actuary but perhaps 10 days isn't enough, I think I am at about 55% in an exam setting to need to move up very very quickly, what do you recommend do you have actual past papers? I can devote all of the next two days to the subject without distraction let me know what you think is the best strategy?

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  • When I did R04 I bought the CII question banks which were a great help. Although I was panicking 24 hours before the exam, I think the question bank questions (at least for me) were harder than the exam itself. I assume that as it's online you can access them as soon as you purchase them as they get added to your RevisionMate profile.

    The best of luck to you!

  • Great many thanks Andy!

  • They also sometimes have them in revision mate - if you go to the 'Prepare for your exam' section, they've started putting a lot of the past papers there. I can't say for definite if they do it for all exams but I took J05 in October and they have them listed and I've got J03 for 2021 and they've also provided links for papers from 2015.

    Best of luck - let us know how you get on!

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